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Inquisitor (4)
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Welcome to Blaklist    
          An Everquest 2 Guild - Antonia Bayle server


               Blaklist is a “Content Group/Raid Progression Guild" that is, we lock our progression at various points in order to complete questlines, Heritage Quests, destroy Epic Mobs, and develop members.  Personal leveling is locked at level 80 in order to take advantage of all expansions of the game.  We are not just simply a meet-every-week-for-a-raid guild, but rather, incorporate true progression with guild members into cohesive groups that combine to complete group to raid quests or higher.  

                Blaklist specializes in accepting those that are "Blaklisted" or exiled from other guilds, or the ones that left - we welcome your uniqueness here.  Other recruits are accepted as well, we do not discriminate based upon race, gender, beliefs, etc. 

After completing the "Join us" found here on the site, you'll be eligible for promotions. Your first rank will be that of an Auxilliary and move forward through Centurion and eventually Tribune or the specialized Praetor (Or Judge).  Promotions are merited through objective means; Status Points, Battle Ground Tokens, Role-Play objectives, and For you crafters - Higher crafting levels. Group leaders - Vice Centurions and higher will nominate once eligible, players that have achieved promotion milestones.  

                Group Selection
Upon Signing up, you may choose an available role in a group (Jaguar, Smoke, Or Eored) to play; but you are not restricted to play with that group - only encouraged.  From the moment you enlist here, you will have a group awaiting you.  Centurions will lead you and suggest ideas for grouping missions.  Players within that group will be encouraged to find their counterparts for adventuring.  Let's face it, you'll need them.

                NEED BEFORE GREED

Loot taken at raids will be administered based upon DKP (Dungeon Kill Points) - attained through your attending events, status points, and participation. Loot will be given preference to those members that actually need it for success.  Praetors will constitute a "Loot Council" and applicable bidding will commence.
As such, each player in the Blaklist will have a voice.


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